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It is our Mission to be the Ultimate Resource for Reverse Mortgage Originators. If you have any suggestions to improve the site, feedback on features you like, etc. please don't hesitate to contact us!
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The Team

Who are we?
"Ordinary reverse mortgage originators just like you!"

The only difference is that we've discovered proven systems that help ordinary people like you and me achieve extraordinary results. Through, we will be combining those systems with the latest in web applications technology to provide the ultimate resource for helping originators succeed in the reverse mortgage industry.

Our Management Team includes:

ShannoShannon2009_whn Hicks, President

Shannon came to Reverse Focus with a background in financial services and senior planning. His passion for educating and empowering seniors drove him to create our successful Reverse Mortgage Educational Seminar Series "The Truth About Reverse Mortgages" attracting dozens of new clients monthly. He also speaks nationally on web-based sales and marketing.

Shannon was instrumental in building our business tracking systems and software user interface. He mentors originators across the country and is the host of our weekly videos and national podcast "Reverse Focus Weekly". Shannon lives in northern California.

Eric A. Hiatt, CEOe_hiatt_2011_sm_215

Eric A. Hiatt is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of, inc the most comprehensive reverse mortgage origination platform available today. He has focused on developing marketing tools and technologies specific to the reverse mortgage originator. Eric has spent many years in the senior market place, nine of those focused specifically in the reverse mortgage industry. 

During his tenure in the reverse mortgage industry he has been a top producing originator, manager, owner, mentor, and trainer. His passion for training and helping other originators take resposibility and action is shadowed only by his inner desire to see other ordinary people achieve  extraordinary results. He has coached some of the industries most succesful originators, and taught them how to build their own buisness, including turn-key systems and marketing plans giving them the needed tools to develop a successful and productive career.