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It is our Mission to be the Ultimate Resource for Reverse Mortgage Originators. If you have any suggestions to improve the site, feedback on features you like, etc. please don't hesitate to contact us!
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You Want Reverse Mortgage Success? We're Here for You!

Reverse Focus is committed to providing powerful tools that will make a real difference in your success as a reverse mortgage originator.

Tools for All Members

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Best-of-the-Best Content - throughout Reverse Focus, you'll find articles, tips, and resources developed by some of the most successful reverse mortgage agents in the country.

The Lead Machine - Learn what has been tested and works to generate more reverse mortgage leads! Each week a new lead generating idea is posted. All entries are archived and we solicit input from you our subscribers.

ACT Database - Reverse mortgage originators now have the ability to track their prospects, loans and relationships. Keep track of your reverse mortgage leads and clients through this client manager template created specifically for reverse mortgage originators. Producer's Club members receive a $100 discount of the full purchase price. (requires purchase of ACT! 2008).

Loan Manager - A secure, easy to use way to input and track your loans. Once inputted, your loans can give you great detail about your business, profitability and much more! The best tool available for managing your loans.

Productivity Manager - How do you keep track of your loans and manage your performance? Use our Productivity Manager to manage loans and get immediate insight into your reverse mortgage business.

Pipeline Manager - How many loans are in your pipeline to close this month? Next month? After that? The Pipeline Manager shows you instantly.

100-Point Day - Learn the proven system that increases your loan production and productivity! Many originators have seen their business explode with this tool.

Discussion Board - Share and receive insights from fellow reverse mortgage originators.

Podcasts - Another way you can receive regular insight and training to optimize your reverse mortgage business. Weekly news and training insights to grow your business.

Marketing Manager - How much are you spending on Marketing? How many loans are directly linked to these efforts. The Reverse Focus Marketing Manager helps you keep track of all of it!

Detailed Productivity Analysis - Platinum Members get additional insight through the Detailed Productivity Analysis.

RM Guru - A special discussion forum where top reverse mortgage originators share and receive valuable insight and support in their reverse mortgage business.