Sales Engine Release Notes

SE - Major Release
SE - New Feature
SE - Feature Improvement
SE - Patch
Sales Engine // Version // 11.02.2018

Patch: Server Maintenance: November 5th

We will be installing updates Sales Engine on 11/5/2018

Sales Engine // Version // 07.02.2018

Patch: Sales Engine server maintenance and security updates

Sales Engine will be intermittently unavailable on Tuesday, July 10th for server maintenance and security updates.

Sales Engine // Version 2.0.1 // 04.16.2018

Feature Improvement: SE Improvements

Made improvements to UI and implemented improved functionality to workflows and SE Records Email

Sales Engine // Version // 03.12.2018

Patch: Planned server maintenance

Security patches and server maintenance

Sales Engine // Version // 03.12.2018

Patch: Server Maintenance tonight

Server updates and patches to improve speed and responsiveness.

Sales Engine // Version // 01.11.2018

Patch: SE Intel processor patches implemented for Metldown and Spectre vulnerabilities

System-wide patches have been implemented for known Intel processor exploits Spectre and Meltdown

Sales Engine // Version 2.0 // 12.19.2017

Major Release: Sales Engine 2.0

Sales Engine 2.0 is now live! A major UI/UX/visual overhaul has been rolled out for all SE users!

Sales Engine // Version // 12.19.2017

Patch: Please read: Sales Engine & Your Browser Cache

The clearing of Sales Engine cached files in your browser will remove any glitches you may be experiencing.

Sales Engine // Version 1.8 // 10.16.2017

New Feature: Redesigned SE Tools tab

Improvement of SE Tools tab layout & addition of BayDocs LOS integration

Sales Engine // Version // 08.04.2017

Patch: RV Exporting issue for Maximum Claim Amount (MCA)

Maximum claim amount error when exporting a record to ReverseVision LOS

Sales Engine // Version 1.7.1 // 07.10.2017

Feature Improvement: Addition of custom HTML code to workflow automation rules

Ability to embed custom HTML code into workflow automation emails.

Sales Engine // Version // 05.03.2017

Patch: Broken email notifications in SE

Elimination of numerous internal SE notifications for a broken email account connection.

Sales Engine // Version 1.7 // 05.03.2017

New Feature: IP access alert

IP Access Alert (available for additional monthly fee)

Sales Engine // Version 1.6.1 // 04.07.2017

Feature Improvement: Custom fields available in list views

The inclusion of custom fields when building a specific SE lead record view.

Sales Engine // Version 1.6 // 01.04.2017

New Feature: Assigning a saved 'stack' as default view

Addition of user-defined 'default' record list view.

Sales Engine // Version 1.5.1 // 12.28.2016

Feature Improvement: Addition of global stacks to dashboard

Global (company) stacks can be included on the SE dashboard

Sales Engine // Version 1.5 // 12.28.2016

New Feature: Scheduling reminders for other users

Scheduling a reminder on behalf of another SE user

Sales Engine // Version 1.4.3 // 12.21.2016

Feature Improvement: Name tokens added to workflow automations

Name tokens/fields added to workflow automations.

Sales Engine // Version 1.4.2 // 12.20.2016

Feature Improvement: Upload image to email signature profile

Addition of image uploading for SE user email signatures (footers).

Sales Engine // Version 1.4.1 // 12.09.2016

Feature Improvement: Archive tool field history

Addition of field history to record archive tool.

Sales Engine // Version 1.4 // 12.07.2016

New Feature: Workflow purging added

Ability to remove (purge) a workflow preventing any further automated actions or rule execution.

Sales Engine // Version 1.3.2 // 12.06.2016

Feature Improvement: Partner quick-lookup

Quick lookup when assigning a SE partner to a lead record.

Sales Engine // Version 1.3.1 // 11.28.2016

Feature Improvement: Bulk assignment of workflow automations

Added the ability to bulk assign workflows.